ADHD Awareness Sweden

The month of October 2013 is the month of ADHD Awareness. Full of activities on ADHD , Evererybody can join in! Organizations,Companies, groups, teachers, schools, the hockey club. You as a privat person can create an activity! Nothing is to big and nothing is too small.
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ADHD Awareness Sweden

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ADHD Awareness Sweden


Oktober månad 2013 är månaden för ADHD Awareness. Alla kan vara med! Organisationer,företag, privatpersoner,skolor, idrottsklubbar i hela Sverige. Du kan själv också start en aktivitet! Ingen aktivitet är för liten eller för stor! Vi skriver in den i kalendern! gå till vad du kan göra själv så får du tips.

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ADHD Awareness Sweden


Welcome to attend a 5 hour Workshop on ADHD with Dr.Russell Barkley

This workshop was organized by Lateralia May 2013

we will soon announce a new conference/workshop

Advanced Course for Professionals on ADHD

Dr. Russell Barkley

Dr. Russell Barkley

An exclusive 5 hour workshop with Dr. Russell Barkley at St Gertruds in Malmo, Sweden 15 th of May 2013.

It is our privilege and great pleasure to invite you to attend this full day program featuring the worlds leading expert.

This advanced course / workshop for professionals is going to be held at St. Gertrud’s with its genuine charm and atmosphere. Situated a few minutes walk from Malmo Central Station and only 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen international Airport.


Our mission is to attract health care professionals who are interested in getting into considerable detail of each of the ADHD topics presented and dedicated to supporting significant improvements and changes in the lives of people with ADHD.


Go to the registration page by clicking on where it says “Registration” at the top of the page. Register yourself and colleagues now.


We also have the pleasure of having Björn Roslund as the moderator.


Björn Roslund Leg. läkare Spec. Barn- och ungdomspsykiatri Spec. Allmän psykiatri

Björn Roslund
Leg. läkare
Spec. Barn- och ungdomspsykiatri
Spec. Allmän psykiatri